Thanks for checking out my passion, Fresh Fitness. As I connect with you, I think of all the gimmicks and promises other trainers give clients and prospective clients and I will flat out say Im not one of them. Fresh Fitness was built on the concept of body mechanics, functionality and exercise. I don't equate fitness to physique, I believe fitness is based on your mind and bodies ability to push through your own boundaries. In response to that training, your body will not only evolve, but your mental strength and the way you feel about yourself will rise as well. You'll even catch yourself glancing at the way your physique changes and definitely be amazed at your energy levels throughout a normal day.  Fitness has so many unique elements and variables and it should build upon the strength of an individual. Fresh Fitness finds your strengths and helps you use that as your base to achieve all your other fitness goals. Naturally, it will be personalized and unique but it also builds confidence within yourself and helps you realize everything you need in fitness and in life is right inside of you. 

With over 7 plus years in the fitness and sports industry, Ive obtained countless methods, information and experience that will help me coach you to a healthier and more fit lifestyle. Now with all that being said, fitness is a choice and no it is not easy. But the journey builds you and the transformation makes it worth it. So don't think, just do and Fresh Fitness will be right there with you.

Let's get to work

Make fitness personal so it personally shapes you

Lead Trainer & Creator of Fresh Fitness & Therapy demonstrates an advanced core training technique.